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Athena Rooms

Kato Zakros Sitia

In this captivating natural beach of the of Kato Zakros that the ancient Minoans, lived, we created by copying their architecture the traditional hotel group "ATHENA", ready to welcome you for your vacations, the whole year.
In a breathing distance from the waves (only 20m) with view to the immense light blue of the sea with the transparently crystal waters of the fascinating waterside, it has rooms invested at the walls with natural stones with mirrors between them and roofs from timber.
All the rooms have two single beds or one double bed, A/C, coffee machine, and one of them a traditional stone fireplace. In the internal walls of the group and at the wall of the courtyard, particular impression causes the carved stones with the various subjects on them.
Your stay here will be dreamed while enjoying the peacefulness of the sea and the cool breeze of the mountains as you are sited on the comfortable armchairs and hammocks of your veranda, which ensure hypsometric distance from the waves.
Here the sunup as it emerges from the sea and golden with his rays the waters, he shapes a beautiful tableau that you will become his spectators. The sunset nights from the same place emerges the golden red moon that his shade shapes at the surface of the sea an ancient Minoan amphora that in reality exists and is placed among with hundreds other in the archaeological museum in Heraklion. It is said that this captivating picture inspired the craftsman of these years to create it.
The rocky coasts of the bight with the old paths (if you want to explore), the green plain from the western side, the ancient palace, the hills and the mountains around, complete the view of the group. Very close is also the old tavern "Akrogiali" with traditional dishes and fresh fish for your lunch and your dinner.
Dear visitors, here are all a dream and at the same time a reality. Come to enjoy and to be gratified. God created Kato Zakros and you have nothing else to do but to grace him with your presence.