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Katerina Apts

Kato Zakros Sitia

In this captivating natural beach of the of Kato Zakros that the ancient Minoans, lived, we created by copying their architecture the traditional hotel group "KATERINA", ready to welcome you for your vacations, the whole year.
It is a new small group scrambled in the side of the hill that dominates next to the entry of the "Gorge of Deads" of Kato Zakros. We offer two maisonettes and two apartments with all the modern comforts, with intense the traditional stone architecture. In each maisonette they can be entertained 2-4 individuals with completely equipped kitchen (refrigerator and all the utensils for cooking), with foldaway seats in the beds. As far as the above floor of each maisonette, roof and floor are made exclusively from timber.
In the two apartments they also can be entertained 2-4 individuals in each one, as they have double or single beds and foldaway seats in the beds. The maisonettes and apartments offer independent A/C, TV, Internet, telephone, WC and shower. In the independent also verandas with the armchairs and the hammocks, next to the flowers meekly and wild, you will enjoy the landscape with a view to the mountain and the sea.
Here in the cool breeze that comes out through the very tall cuttingly rocks and the caves of the gorge, flavoured with the smell of mint, the sage and the thyme, accompany with the unappeased woodnote of the birds, come and fall in love with both landscape and people, find your match, hype up, live your love if you are a couple, tied up parents and children if you are family, play, have fun, regenerate.
All the group is warm and familial and you will feel as if you are entertained to our house as we are always in your disposal to friendly discuss with you anything that concerns you, to inform you about the region, to offer your coffee or local beverages and offer raki and pure wine of our production.
Dear visitors, here are all a dream and at the same time a reality. Come to enjoy and to be gratified. God created Kato Zakros and you have nothing else to do but to grace him with your presence.