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Club members can earn loyalty points through the reservation they make and get extra points and discounts for future rentals. This program is also in effect in case you suggest us to your friends. Points are added to both of you. The points can be transferred to your account for the next years too.
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Rent a car from Magic Tours and ...

Choose one of our brand new cars and enjoy the pleasure of going around the whole of Crete and having the chance to visit all the important sites at your convenience. Although, the most important part of our job is to maintain our vehicles for your safety. In addition for your own behalf we are willing to deliver and pick up the car at the place you desire:

Airports: Heraklion, Chania, Sitia
Ferry ports: Heraklion, Souda, Rethymon, Agios Nikolaos, Sitia
…and all hotels, apartments, villas,etc… in all Crete.

Magic Tours cover all Greece…

Where ever you wish to go, we can assist you with your car hire requirements by contacting other members of our group. So mainland or island's contact Magic Tours for Car Hire.

(LTR) Long Term Rental

...with us you can rent brand new car in all Greece for 6 months , 1 year , 2 years or more. Ask about this program

Car Type Low Season
01/01 till 31/05
01/10 till 30/11
for 3 days & per week
Midle Season
01/06 till 30/06
01/09 till 30/09
for 3 days & per week
High Season
01/07 till 31/08

for 3 days & per week
Mini from 90 Euro & 168.00€ 133.00€ 96 Euro & 182.00€ 147.00€ 111 Euro & 196.00€ 168.00€
Midi from 96 Euro & 175 Euro 102 Euro & 189 Euro 117 Euro & 210 Euro
Large from 99 Euro & 182 Euro 105 Euro & 196 Euro 120 Euro & 217 Euro
Open/Top from 126 Euro & 224 Euro 138 Euro & 245 Euro 152 Euro & 266 Euro
Min Bus from 147 Euro & 252 Euro 162 Euro & 287 Euro 180 Euro & 315 Euro
Cabrio from 171 Euro & 287 Euro 186 Euro & 322 Euro 204 Euro & 364 Euro
Automatic from 186 Euro & 343 Euro 204 Euro & 378 Euro 225 Euro & 413 Euro


1.) Unlimited mileage weekly and three days respectively in low and high season.
2.) Delivery and collection of vehicle free of charge to our Magic tours Offices, the airport and hotels.
3.) Insurance 3rd party.
4.) Insurance C.D.W. (collision and damage waiver).
5.) Tax and Service - V.A.T. stamp.
6.) Substitution of vehicle in case of breakdown.
7.) A large road map.

General's information:
Drivers age: minimum 21 year old
Driver license: A valid driving license held for a last one year from the country of residence or an international Driving Permit is required.
Minimum rental: 3 days (24 h)
Traffic fines: All traffic fines resulting from violation of the Greek traffic law are for renter's account.
Gasoline: The consumption is payable by the renter unleaded type fuel is to be used on Magic Tours vehicles.
Ferrying the car: An advanced written authorization from Magic Tours is required.
Across the border rental: An advanced written authorization from Magic Tours is required.…
Flat tires: It is your responsibility.
Breakdowns: contact Magic Tours.
Accident-contact: Magic Tours as soon as possible and appropriate action will be taken.
Road assistance: ELPA - 24 Hours (all our cars have identification's card) Membership Card from Automobile and Touring Club of Greece (ELPA)

Special Car Rental offers.

From 7 days until 48 hours prior to arrival, all year (except July, August).
Deal directly with Magic Tours and get cost savings.

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