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Club members can earn loyalty points through the reservation they make and get extra points and discounts for future rentals. This program is also in effect in case you suggest us to your friends. Points are added to both of you. The points can be transferred to your account for the next years too.
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Save Fuel. Save the Environment!

Some clever tips in order to consume less fuel
save fuel
  • Choose fuel-efficient cars.
  • Avoid aggressive driving. Use the gas pedal and the break wisely. Drive in the right gear.
  • Save your fuel by following the speed limit.
  • Avoid traffic jam. "Stop and go" driving is more fuel consuming.
  • Look after your vehicle's tyres. Inflate your vehicle's tyres to the highest pressure recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Don't carry a heavy load. Heavier cars lead to an increase of fuel consumption.
  • Use air-conditioning sparingly. Air-conditioners can use about 10 per cent extra fuel when operating.
  • Turn your car off, if you are inert for more than one minute.
  • Keep your vehicle in good condition. Keep your vehicle well tuned and regularly maintained. Get your car serviced at the intervals specified in the manufacturer's handbook.
  • Make sure your Fuel Cap is o.k. A lot of Million Gallons of Fuel are lost due to evaporation.
Remember this!
Save Fuel. Save the Environment!