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Club members can earn loyalty points through the reservation they make and get extra points and discounts for future rentals. This program is also in effect in case you suggest us to your friends. Points are added to both of you. The points can be transferred to your account for the next years too.
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Tree Planting Program

save fuel One way to combat the greenhouse effect is by planting trees. Scientists generally agree that tree planting can slow the greenhouse effect. The environment is in danger due to global warming. Several surveys show that if action is not taken then the consequences to our environment will be disastrous. The planet protection is of high priority.
The role of each responsible company is to respect the values, the culture, the environment, the improvement of the quality of life and human dignity.
Magic Tours small contribution to this serious problem is that we plant a tree in the end of the season for each reservation we have received during the year. The tree planting takes place in the end of the year with the attendance of our staff and collaborators.
Magic Tours also protect and care for the trees of our area. The environmental compliance and commitment is a must.

save fuel save fuel