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Situated in the hinterlands of Rethimnon, Argiroupolis is the perfect place to escape from the heat in the summer. This a village of the county of Rethimnon, built at 260m a.s.l. Between the rivers "Mousselas" and "Petres". It is located 27kms south west of Rethimnon and 5km from Episkopi and 13 km. of Georgioupolis.

The lower village is a watery oasis formed by mountain springs. Running through aqueducts, washing down walls, seeping from stones and pouring from spigots, the gushing spring water supplies the entire city of Rethimnon.

The luxuriant vegetation, the shade and the coolness of the springs make it the perfect spot for lingering over lunch in one of the local taverns. The endless green and the crystal clear water, is the most characteristic of this beautiful village. Its 700 inhabitants are mainly farmers and stockbreeders.

The traditional and picturesque village of Argiroupolis is built on the site of ancient Lappa and is one of the most beautiful villages of Crete. According to the myths, Lapa was created by Agamemnon, the hero of the Trojan war. The older coins of the city show the goddess Vritomartis Artemis, who was a Cretan goddess influenced by the Minoan religion. In the Greek wars they were allies of Knossos but when Knossos destroyed Lyttos the people of Lapa accepted the Lyttoans in their city and their homes.

Lapa was one of the most important cities of western Crete during Roman times. It controlled the area around it from the north to the south coast. It had two harbours, one on the north coast of Crete and another on the south. It is said that its harbour was Finix on the south coast of Crete in present-day Loutro. The coins of Lapa at this time had a representation of Poseidon on them.

Lapa was also important during Byzantine times but it was destroyed by Arabs in 828 A.C. Today have been constructed many buildings and churches using stones and other building materials from the ancient cities and the more recent Venetian buildings.