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Mirtos is the most southerly settlement in Greece and although off the beaten track it is worthy of a visit.

Lying about 14 kilometers east of Ierapetra, the village's shingle beach looks out over the Libyan Sea towards North Africa. Probably the freshest salad you'll get here will have been supplied by one of the many glasshouses that surround the village, growing everything from bananas, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and cucumbers also oranges, lemons and mandarins...

This sleepy little village is popular with the Greeks themselves and makes an excellent base for exploring the south east of Crete.

Walkers can enjoy the hill country around the fertile Mirtos River Valley.

The Pyrgos Minoan site is nearby and the Bronze Age remains of a settlement at Phournou Koripi.

The beach MIRTOS is a beach with sand and pebbles , which is inside the Mirtos village, easy to be accessed . It is a peaceful and clean beach, far from the crowded places, an ideal place to enjoy the sea.

The beach has the needed equipment for the visitors, like deck chairs, shower, wooden walkways, ramps, access and parking for the unable persons. There are hotels and rent-rooms near the beach and there is one branch's office of Magic Tours, in this village.

There sport facilities on the beach but there is not any annoyance for the visitors.

Near the beach there are many taverns which serve the visitors. InIerapetra town, there are many events that concern the environment and civilization year round and mostly through the summer period.

There are many exhibitions , conferences , seminars, lectures, photo competition and other actions that concern the environment . In the Municipality of Ierapetra there are areas with interesting environment and easy to be visited, like Simi Omalos, Selakano, Sarakina.