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Lentas is a small fishing village, situated in south Crete, 75 km away from Heraklion, the capital city of Crete.
Watch the lion! There is a natural boundary, west of the village, a small cape in the shape of a sitting lion, gazing at the sea: Lentas derives its name from this... "Leontas" is the Greek word for lion.

Swallows never leave Lentas!
Lentas enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate: dry and cool in the summer months and warm during the winter makes Lentas the ideal summer as well as winter getaway spot.

An ancient site
Ancient city of Gortyna founded a merchant port, Levenaeon, at the exact spot where Lentas is. Around the 4th century BC, Levenaeon was the epicenter of the worship of Asclepios: organized sanatorium and clinic were the destination for thousands of sick people that came there to benefit from hydrotherapy and physiotherapy.
The first excavation attempts were made in 1884 to reveal what remained from the site, a passageway, a few remains from Nymphaeon and the hot spring baths, the treasury and one of the sacred fountains. The very ancient spring is still active.
Lentas is very close to Gortyna, Phaestos, Matala and Aghia Galini, all locations worth visiting during your stay.
The beach Dytiko (Diskos) in Lentas, southern Crete. The beach Dytiko or "Diskos" is at one km west after Lentas.
The beach Dytiko (Diskos) resembles a place forgotten from time. It still is the paradise of camping and tens of tents are set up each summer under the enormous lion-shaped rock that dominates above Lentas.
There are plenty of rooms for rent on beach Dytiko (Diskos) plus 3-4 taverns. People resorting here; love the wild beauty of nature, the relaxed and primitive atmosphere and the makings of relative isolation this long beach has to offer.
The beach Dytiko (Diskos) is an established beach for naturists and a lot of families and young couples take to the enjoyment of naturism. In the part of the beach in front of the taverns, there is a more conservative atmosphere, with "dressed" bathers only.