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The houses are built along the coastal street, just by the long sandy beach. While most houses are new there are still some of them preserving the old traditional character, especially at the centre of the village.
Regarding the inhabitants, they are really friendly, kind-hearted, polite and willing to offer hospitality to any guest that decides to visit their village.
There are many small cafes and taverns all with wonderful patios where in the cool shade of the trees the visitors can enjoy the famous fresh fish of Tsoutsouras.
There are quite few rooms and apartments available in a couple of small, family owned, hotels in Tsoutsouras. Most of them are newly built with bathroom and kitchen facilities and since some of them belong to permanent residents they operate all year around.
Beach facilities like sun chairs and umbrellas or sea sports are not yet provided but you will find showers to wash out the salt. A harbour - rather a fishing boats refuge - is now under construction and will be ready in one or two years. Facilities to yachts will be then provided, such as mooring, refuelling, water etc... In an easterly direction, you will find a gorgeous beach with coarse sand and many dunes, where you can spend your time carefree. (Eastern Beach, Dermatos).
At the west edge of Tsoutsouras, there's a river called Mindris that flows through a small valley and ends at the sea. In this district, archaeologists have spotted ancient ruins of Byzantine culture, which are by all means worth seeing. From Tsoutsouras, you can easily reach the beautiful creek of Maridaki by boat or on foot.

Mini markets and grocer stores are also available around the year.
Tsoutsouras - Achentrias - Agios Nikitas - Finikodassos (PalmForest) - Maridaki - Achentrias - Mesochorio
Leave Tsoutsouras in a N/W direction, after 5,5 km and 4 km before Achentrias is the exit to the left to the beaches of Maridaki and Ai Nikitas.
After this turn to the left, you will find yourself so overwhelmed by the breathtaking view that you will stop to take photos or videofilm the rare bird species or the huge cliffs.
The sea spreads out in front of you during the drive down which takes you through springs, herds of goats, traditional sheepfolds, isolated chapels, impressive rocks towering over steep ravines that are covered in greenery and the wonderfully eroded wild rocks and ravines will take your breath away. A sign 10 km further down points to Maridaki to the Left, a lovely sandy beach with a crystal clear sea and lots of fresh running water. Tavernas and a kapheneion on the beach will soon refresh you.
The monastery of Ai Nikitas lies to the right of the sign and is just 1 km away. There you will welcome Cretan hospitality enjoying some fruit and a cup of Greek coffee. You will also be shown the monastery's church built in the rock. The view from Ai Nikitas to the East towards Tsoutsouras, Dermato and Keratokampos is particularly lovely.
On the other side of the monastery you can reach the Ai Nikitas beach where you can swim and go fishing.
300 m to the west of the monastery you will come upon the chapel of Agios Antonios which is set in a unique landscape of palm trees and carob trees.
Down by the sea there is a series of small inlets where you can enjoy a quiet swim.
On your return, when you find the sign to Tsoutsouras, you go strait to Achentrias. Very soon, 4 km away, you arrive at this pretty village. Here you have a choice: either continue to Mesochorio or on a paved road to Ethia and Pirgos.