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The unknown Plateau

The plateau of Katharo is located at an altitude of 1150 meters S.L. and it is 26 km from Agios Nikolaos and 12 km from the plateau of Lassithi, 14 km from Kritsa. The road from Agios Nikolaos is an asphalt road but the road from Lassithi plateau is still under construction. Another scenic route is from Katharo to Ierapetra via the village of Males, 8 km. The road until Males is a rough dirt road and you will need a 4WD car for a safe drive. The last part from Males to Ierapetra is an asphalt road. It's the unique plateau of "Katharo" extending to 60,000 hectares (stremma), where the fossilized remains of hippopotamus have been found, a place to where half of the soul of Kritsans belongs. On the well-worn red and yellow "square" of Katharo, the footsteps of hundreds of humans intermingle with the tracks of flocks of animals in summertime, whilst during the inhospitable winters on the lower slopes, the struggle for water has been won.

In this place, the spirits of the partisans and the heinous Turks of the Occupation still roam around under the shadows of the peak of Lazarus (2085m) and "Spathiou" (the Sword) (2148m). Here, the sky, ravines and bushes are still adorned with vultures, harrier eagles, cuckoos, ferrets, and unique yellow roses, while the scent of dictamus and other herbs like.

"thriba" fills the air.

In the serenity of the Holm oaks, and other tree species such as Asfentamus, Ambelitsas, Antrikukias, Aloutsouna, Stamnagathi and among the mountain and rock thyme, part of the essence of the people from Kritsa belongs.

A unique cave

Half way on the road from Kritsa to Katharo is "Gaidroupotripa" or "Donkey Hole". It is a remarkable geological feature with interesting fauna, and is one of the 40 explored caves in Crete.

The gorge of Kritsa

Difficult and wild, with particular natural beauty, its length is 13 kilometres, with a minimum width of 1.5m. It is approached from the opening at Havga, north of Kritsa and leads deep into the virgin forest.

An unforgettable experience...


This is the red rock outcrop from under which Kritsa spreads out. It is a landmark of Kritsa and the point of reference for the people from all parts of Kritsa. Its name refers to the period of the Frankish domination and at the height of its existence, there were geometric dwellings here.